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The call of the horn drifts over field, mournful and sobbing like a lover betrayed. It is distant, yet. Could almost be an echo, a memory. Still, the air is clear and sounds carry far. The moon rises high and yellow in a sky black, and cold, and starless. 

The horn calls again, the lover-in-waiting, body aching, alone in their bleak bed.

There, in the empty field under the moon, the Quarry crouches. Its ears prick, eyes widen. Its nostrils flare. Its body quivers. Sometimes, with fear. Sometimes, with other emotions entirely.

It knows what is coming. Knew, since it woke here, its skin bare to the night, its feet already bloody and raw. This was what it craved--the beating of blood in its ears, the sweat stinging it face, the sweet-salt of tears, and the bitterness of bile coating its mouth.

 But craving, and having are not the same.

The Quarry is afraid.

The horns call, and on the horizon, come the shadow of the Hunters.

The Quarry takes flight.

The Hunt begins.


The Wild Hunt is an experience for five players who trust one another, enacting the familiar Arcadian game of the Hunt, pitting the strength of the Hunters against the wits of the Hunted. 

It requires a deck of tarot cards, a place to tally the Hunter’s scores, and paper for recording the Rules.


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